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Bahan : Metal + Plastic + Glass Gratis Anti Gores Tempered glass can withstand 300 degree heat! Its hardness is more than eight times the normal material! Iphone glass using the same material, and aluminum metal frame design!   Hitam - Silver   Hitam - Hitam   Hitam -..
Rp 120,000
Screen Protector Bagian Depan & Kamera Belakang Use latest matte film materials with comfortable sense of touch.  It also adds nano-barrier film materials.  It’s dust-proof, anti-fingerprint and&nbs..
Rp 26,000
Screen Protector Bagian Depan & Kamera Belakang   Super Clear Anti-fingerprint Protective Film “thin、transparent、clear”   Use highly pervious to light materials with super clear sense of sight.  It&nb..
Rp 26,000
Nillkin Xiaomi Mi3 Frosted Shield Nillkin Xiaomi Mi3 Frosted Shield
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Termasuk Nillkin Clear Screen Protector Use imported environmental PC materials. Formed by the highly precise injection  molding machine with high temperature. Both sides use the latest dustles..
Rp 60,000
NILLKIN Amazing H+ Nanometer Anti-Explosion Tempered Glass Screen Protector   Selected and used Japan imported AGC glass material and HARVES nanotechnology with excellent defensive performance. It owns super high transmittance and high restoring the original color of screen. It supports anti-gl..
Rp 115,000
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