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One Dual 802d/t

dibandingkan dengan generasi pertama, generasi kedua ini lebih tahan terhadap goresan, jadi case tidak mudah lecet...
Rp 85,000
Untuk HTC One 802d/t Dual Sim Menggunakan baut/sekrup (dapat baut/sekrup cadangan & obeng)..
Rp 125,000
Screen Protector Depan + Kamera Belakang Use latest matte film materials with comfortable sense of touch.  It also adds nano-barrier film materials.  It’s dust-proof, anti-fingerprint and anti-pers..
Rp 26,000
Screen Protector Depan + Kamera Belakang Use highly pervious to light materials with super clear sense of sight. It has matte surface,professional original color and a sense of transparence & comfort. This film has radiation protection and can protect eyes from fatigue,dryness and decreased v..
Rp 26,000
Include Nillkin Screen Protector Clear Use imported environmental PC materials. Formed by the highly precise injection  molding machine with high temperature. Both sides use the latest dustless..
Rp 60,000
Inlcude Nillkin Ultra Clear Screen Protector Use environmental PC raw materials and imported high grade leather materials with top texture.  It’s soft, smooth, wear-proof, anti-skidding and dirt-pro..
Rp 135,000
High transparency and super smooth surface for delicate touchOleophobic coating prevents fingerprints9H strong hardness, super anti-scratchUltra-thin, the thickness is only 0.3mmCurve edges, smooth and safePerfect adhesion, easy to apply..
Rp 50,000
Urban Armor Gear Composite Case with Screen Kit for HTC One M7 Urban Armor Gear Composite Case with Screen Kit for HTC One M7
Out Of Stock
Bisa untuk HTC One Dual Sim juga URBAN ARMOR GEAR products reflect the independent spirit of our designers and represent a dedication to superior quality and craftsmanship. Inspired by a sense of adventure, our distinctive cases are engineered to protect your gear from the rigors of a mobile lifest..
Rp 399,000
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