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Xperia C

Screen Protector Depan + Kamera Belakang Use latest matte film materials with comfortable sense of touch.  It also adds nano-barrier film materials.  It’s dust-proof, anti-fingerprint and anti-pers..
Rp 26,000
Screen Protector Depan + Kamera Belakang Use highly pervious to light materials with super clear sense of sight. It has matte surface,professional original color and a sense of transparence & comfort. This film has radiation protection and can protect eyes from fatigue,dryness and decreased v..
Rp 26,000
It uses flip leather cover with PC hard case, showing totally new visual experience. The leather cover is anti-skidding and wear-resistant with smooth grain. The inside is micro fiber, protecting mobile screen perfectly. Reserve the receiver's hole location especially, which is convenient to answ..
Rp 90,000
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